Project Support

Project Management

We deliver enterprise IT project solutions to small businesses by providing the project leadership, experience, and support our clients require. We apply proven consulting services, tools, and methodologies to ensure that your critical technology projects produce targeted business results.

Our qualified, certified professionals apply their practical "know-how" in projects, process, technology, and people to successfully plan, manage, and lead projects to successful outcomes. You can count on us to assess a critical project, turn around a troubled project, staff your project team, or lead your project to success. So if you're on the hook for the business outcome of any sized projects, let Affordable Technical Support performance services assure your success.

We will help you:
  • Articulate your vision for the project, establish goals, assemble your team, and define expectations and the scope of your project.
  • Refine the scope, identify specific tasks and activities to be completed, and develop a schedule and budget.
  • Accomplish your goals by leading your team, solving problems, and building your project.
  • Monitor changes to the project, make corrections, and adjust your schedule to respond to problems, or adjust your expectations and goals.
  • Deliver your project to your audience, acknowledge results, and assess its success. Take the time to compose a written evaluation of the project and the development effort.

Strategic Planning

At Affordable Technical Support – we understand the need for strategic corporate planning and the impact of not making the right business integrated plan for your business.

We have the knowledge and experience you are looking for in a reliable consultant and partner. We help you lay the right foundation for your business. After all, the success of your company depends on this solid foundation which will keep you one step ahead of your competitor.

With Affordable Technical Support, you will have a partner who values the relationship which means your success is our success – therefore you can be assured that we will do everything necessary to provide you with the best IT support and maintenance of devices when necessary.


Procurement Management

Our talented team of researchers work with the best brands of computer manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. With our combination of a proven outsourcing approach, procurement expertise and comprehensive capabilities, we can help you:

  • Acquire additional expertise, tools, and best practices, without expanding your staff or making large IT investments
  • Lower total costs of goods and services, while improving supplier performance
  • Gain access to supplier
  • Reallocate internal resources to meet other strategic business objectives