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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I outsource?
  2. Do I pay all my maintenance fees up front?
  3. How safe is my company's information?
  4. Will you provide references?
  5. I don't see my question?
  6. Do you provide support to businesses located in my area of New London, Connecticut?

Why should I outsource?:

In today's world of complex IT solutions, intense competition and global expansion, many organizations have come to realize that they can't do everything. Furthermore, the desire to cut costs is a significant reason for most businesses to outsource their technical help. As is the need for improved service through comprehensive support and predictable service levels. Technical Help Desk outsourcing is increasingly becoming mandatory because of the standardization of service offerings, competition among vendors, and the introduction of advanced technologies.

Do I pay all my maintenance fees up front?:

Contracted outsourcing fees are due and payable annually in advance. However, clients can negotiate to pay their fees quarterly or semiannually in advanced, with a added service fee.

How safe is my company's information?:

Confidentiality and security of your company's information is never compromised. Before we engaged in an agreement, we'll enter into a binding Confidentiality Agreement and Non-disclosure Agreement that require us to maintain all your business information in the strictest confidence.

Will you provide references?:

Yes. We'll be happy to provide names and phone numbers of current clients.

Do you provide support to businesses located in my area of New London, Connecticut?:

Yes. We provide the following support to areas such as, but not limited to, New London County; Middletown and Middlesex County; Hartford County; New Haven County; Vernon Rockville County; and parts of Massachusetts such as, Worcester, and Springfield:

  • Computer Support
  • Tech Support
  • IT Consulting
  • Computer Help
  • IT Services
  • Procurement Services
  • Network Services
  • Network Cabling
  • WAN / VPN Server Configuration
  • LAN Configuration
If your specific location is not listed, please call us to see your are in a supported area.

I don't see my question?:

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